Brabo Gator and HayStak release 'Broken' (Album: 11/9/18)


Whether you do or don't follow independent music; you might have noticed, come across, or heard one way or another that  Brabo Gator and Haystak released a surprise collaboration track titled 'Broken' - the first from Brabo since "I'm Sorry" around 7 months ago and while we can't truly confirm the latest prior track released from Haystak; it can most definitely be said that it has been a while since his fans had the genuine taste of this level of lyricism and perfection from him

That being said, the track was most definitely worth the wait, with Brabo providing his unprecedented delivery, honesty, and unmatched ability to relate to any and everyone listening. Stak lends his laid-back steady flow to decisively close the track out. 

While these two artists have been through more than most family members -  let alone friends, it's a blessing in this day and age for them to forgive one another or look beyond all of it in order us to bring us a song as deep as this one.

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