Michael Mic Ross - An Artist Introduction

Mic Ross is a Boston native and 1/3rd of the collective No Muzzle Ent. He says he started rapping after dropping out of college for the second time and never looked back. Who could blame him? With the music industry taking off digitally and how quickly student loans add up; makes sense, especially when you consider his raw talent and general success so far.

Mic was honest and humble when it came to us asking his most difficult time thus far. Stating "The hardest time of my career so far had to be right before my first album "Winning is a Given" dropped. I was homeless and had just gotten into a car accident literally 4 days before my birthday just a week before we dropped the album." Anyone who's been homeless before knows how terrible of a situation that can be, but one that probably came at the right time; considering he kept on keeping on. Anyone out there struggling, it get's better; have faith, make logical decisions, and give it time.

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Of course, Mic's unfortunate circumstances didn't end there - He stated "Being homeless and then audited are the only times I've ever even considered quitting this music life." With that all being said, let us remind you that Mic Ross is still here, still has a fanbase, and is still making music, while perfecting his craft. Mr. Ross's best time(s) as an entertainer have come here in the past few months. He's more popular than he's ever been, booking my first tour as the headline, and dating a super talented Rockstar. He says he "Couldn't ask for much more honestly. My family and my desire to be one of the Greats are the only things that truly inspire me these days."

While you're here, it wouldn't be much of a complete artist introduction without taking a listen:

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