Brabo Gator speaks on HighRolla, Haystak, and how he feels about Music

 (As seen above) During a rare live video appearance, Bobby spoke on several different issues - beginning with the Randy/HighRolla situation. He clearly stated that he thought the situation was "fucked up" while continuing to describe the video, and the fact that two females are also in the video and didn't stop it nor  try to prevent it. 

He made a point to say drugs were most definitely involved (during/causing this situation); while ensuring to point out that his judgement of his character is based on working with him. Bobby ensured to let everyone know he will no longer be working with Randy/HighRolla in the future.

During the live feed, he commented on the fact that Stack doesn't support that shit neither and the fact Randy/HighRolla didn't produce the album; it is already done.


What happened with Stak that made you all cool again?

Well, him and Stak just talked about it; communicated, and as he's aged things have changed - his perspective - his love for music - and his ability to forgive. He spoke on moving on, growing as a person, while also joking about what may have been in his pepsi and going to the strip club with Tony requiring 60k. 

While Brabo mentioned music being fun again; he made sure to let everyone know how he feels about music and this potentially being his last album..as well as him not being interested in features nor does he want to book a show or care about business. He might do one last show, but, for the most part, only those closest to him will know when/where  If so, it will be a devastating hit to the independent music world.

Bobby didn't hesitate to speak on why the music industry ruined his passion for music; it's the fact that it's a roller coaster ride, it ruined a lot of friendships, and made him do a lot of things he regrets...not to mention, Brabo Gator spoke on losing most of his best friends and what's success if you have nobody to share it with. 

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