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Jamiison G was born as Jamie Guy on June 18, 1989 in Baltimore Maryland. As a rapper, singer, and songwriter; Jamiison G was introduced to music as a small child at the age of two. Her father encouraged music into her life by ushering in tunes from various genres of rock n roll, hip hop, pop and even some country. Having a love for singing; her favorite class quickly became chorus all through out middle school and High school. Jamie also started singing in her church at age 12 and also performed at many local fairs. While Jamie remained singing locally, Jamie started performing at different churches around the country with her, now brother in law, who at the time was her church's music director. She performed many venues, including but not limited to, choral conferences, local colleges, and nursing homes. When Jamie turned 18 she ventured out for a new life and moved to South Carolina. After quitting music for a while, struggles in her own life landed her into the studio Incident Music Labs while living in a homeless shelter.
There she started singing for many local artist on their hooks.. After meeting artist Grimm Gray, also known as Christopher Andrews, Jamie aspired to start writing about her life in song. Jamie's writing about the struggles in her personal life encouraged her to start trying to rap and do more of the hip hop genre.

Now over a span of many years Jamiison G has performed in many shows to exhibit her impressive talents of singing and rapping. Being introduced to production and making beats by GMusic, also known as Christopher Andrews; Jamiison G served as an artist signed with the label GMusic from the year 2014 and is still currently with them. As an artist with exceptional talent today, Jamiison G has found her way toward success with major influences within the music industry such as Keyshia Cole, Alicia Keys, Etta James, Eminem, Big Sean, and Drake just to name only a few.

Since her start with her journey into moving over into being a female hip hop artist she has had opportunity to open up for artist such as : Blind Furry, Lil wyte, Haystak, Cremro, and even Jelly Roll. Jamiison G also did an air play radio interview with radio personality Traci Fant; along with many internet radio interviews. In less than a year of Jamiison G rapping, She was nominated for South Carolinas 2015 Female Hip Hop artist of the year. Jamiison G has several remixes and projects she has done with many local and out of state independent artists. Jamiison G also has branched out and performed in states such as : Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, Idaho, Colorado and many more. Jamiison G has come far from singing in churches in her younger years and her goal for success is aimed intently toward the top.

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