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  • Who is LeeLeeStylz?

    LeeLeeStylz - A singer/songwriter/rapper from Nashville, TN; She is well known within the Underground community, and she's finally back from her hiatus. Possessing a genuinely unique voice, a consistent flow, and a strong vocal-range that allows her to both sing or rap; her versatility is a rarity.  

    It's safe to say she has not only the raw-talent, but experience, understanding, and detailed knowledge of the industry already. She has been singing and writing songs since she was a small child, but she began rapping when she was a teenager. Over the years, Lee Lee has networked with a notable amount of well-respected people in the music industry, building her fanbase - not only in her city - but across the nation, while gaining a number of fans in other countries as well.

    • She was awarded Best R&B Female at the 2012 Hip Hop in the Ville Awards in Nashville.
    • She has been featured on songs with well-known artists such as Jelly Roll, Struggle, Rittz, Bubba Sparxxx, Lil Wyte, I4NI, Jones Ave, Dusty Leigh, Haystak and more.
    • She has released a music video titled "Don't Care What They Say" with High Rolla that has over 500,000 hits. Check it out - [Click here]

    LeeLeeStylz has extensively collaborated with other artists' throughout her career, in fact, you've probably heard her on projects in the past without even knowing it was her. Look for that to change with her upcoming album. Until then, be on the lookout for snippets, a single, and potentially some merchandise.

    P.S. Despite the many obstacles she has faced over recent years, Ms. LeeLeeStylz is currently working on a solo project and plans to release it very soon! So stay tuned! 

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    Listen to her on UndergroundJamZ.com

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  • An artist's introduction - Katie Lyons

    To start, I suppose it would be best to tell you a bit about myself, who I am, and my story. My name, as you can see above, is Katie Canter and I'm a small town girl from Hampton, TN.

    When I was a little girl all I ever wanted to do was sing. I would sing in the bathtub as a child and my mom knew at the age of 5 I had a passion for it which lead to me developing a bit of a talent with and love for music. My range was always high and I enjoyed pushing myself to try new songs; My dad was a bass player and the lead singer in a band that he created called the "Tommy Lyons Band".

    My step dad, who I grew up with every day, was also in a band as the lead singer and guitar player. He was always amazing at harmonies and was influential in helping me do things the way I was supposed to. My mom also enjoyed singing and writing songs so much that she decided to start a karaoke company. She was very successful with it and was steadily working for 10-15 years, until she moved.

    I've been waiting for this opportunity for so long and I intend to make the very most out of it, so don't be surprised when you begin seeing me at local venues --Original coming soon! Follow my FB Page/Support! 

    I’ve always had a desire for singing and writing songs and at this point in my life, I feel as if I’m finally at a place where I’m ready for the world to hear me - so here goes:

    Special thanks to my engineer and the developer of this platform Brandon Knight for pushing me and always believing in me. Every part of this means the absolute world to me. ❤️ Thank you to my parents for teaching me and inspiring me every day to be better. To everyone, I really hope you guys enjoy this and see the love I put into anything I create. I love you guys!! XO- Katie

    Follow my Twitter @KatieLyonsMusic

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  • Brabo Gator and HayStak release 'Broken' (Album: 11/9/18)


    Whether you do or don't follow independent music; you might have noticed, come across, or heard one way or another that  Brabo Gator and Haystak released a surprise collaboration track titled 'Broken' - the first from Brabo since "I'm Sorry" around 7 months ago and while we can't truly confirm the latest prior track released from Haystak; it can most definitely be said that it has been a while since his fans had the genuine taste of this level of lyricism and perfection from him

    That being said, the track was most definitely worth the wait, with Brabo providing his unprecedented delivery, honesty, and unmatched ability to relate to any and everyone listening. Stak lends his laid-back steady flow to decisively close the track out. 

    While these two artists have been through more than most family members -  let alone friends, it's a blessing in this day and age for them to forgive one another or look beyond all of it in order us to bring us a song as deep as this one.

    Listen, share, and subscribe below: [Support independent (real) music!]

    Brabo Gator on Itunes

    HayStak on Itunes

    For those of you utilizing Spotify, 

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  • Brabo Gator speaks on HighRolla, Haystak, and how he feels about Music

     (As seen above) During a rare live video appearance, Bobby spoke on several different issues - beginning with the Randy/HighRolla situation. He clearly stated that he thought the situation was "fucked up" while continuing to describe the video, and the fact that two females are also in the video and didn't stop it nor  try to prevent it. 

    He made a point to say drugs were most definitely involved (during/causing this situation); while ensuring to point out that his judgement of his character is based on working with him. Bobby ensured to let everyone know he will no longer be working with Randy/HighRolla in the future.

    During the live feed, he commented on the fact that Stack doesn't support that shit neither and the fact Randy/HighRolla didn't produce the album; it is already done.


    What happened with Stak that made you all cool again?

    Well, him and Stak just talked about it; communicated, and as he's aged things have changed - his perspective - his love for music - and his ability to forgive. He spoke on moving on, growing as a person, while also joking about what may have been in his pepsi and going to the strip club with Tony requiring 60k. 

    While Brabo mentioned music being fun again; he made sure to let everyone know how he feels about music and this potentially being his last album..as well as him not being interested in features nor does he want to book a show or care about business. He might do one last show, but, for the most part, only those closest to him will know when/where  If so, it will be a devastating hit to the independent music world.

    Bobby didn't hesitate to speak on why the music industry ruined his passion for music; it's the fact that it's a roller coaster ride, it ruined a lot of friendships, and made him do a lot of things he regrets...not to mention, Brabo Gator spoke on losing most of his best friends and what's success if you have nobody to share it with. 

    Look for more articles in relation from Brabo Gator's transition to Bobby and his life after music here on UndergroundJamZ.com



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  • Michael Mic Ross - An Artist Introduction

    Mic Ross is a Boston native and 1/3rd of the collective No Muzzle Ent. He says he started rapping after dropping out of college for the second time and never looked back. Who could blame him? With the music industry taking off digitally and how quickly student loans add up; makes sense, especially when you consider his raw talent and general success so far.

    Mic was honest and humble when it came to us asking his most difficult time thus far. Stating "The hardest time of my career so far had to be right before my first album "Winning is a Given" dropped. I was homeless and had just gotten into a car accident literally 4 days before my birthday just a week before we dropped the album." Anyone who's been homeless before knows how terrible of a situation that can be, but one that probably came at the right time; considering he kept on keeping on. Anyone out there struggling, it get's better; have faith, make logical decisions, and give it time.

    Stream Him/Support on Spotify - for you spotify streamers:)

    Subscribe to his Youtube Channel - it only takes a second;)

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  • Do Re Mi (Remix) by JamiisonG

    Everyone take a moment of your time to listen to another deep song from JamiisonG!


    Mixed by: GMusic Productions and Management
    Beat: Reproduced by GMusic Productions and Management
    Vocals : Jamie Guy
    Rap Verse Written by: Jamie Guy


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