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  • An artist's introduction - Katie Lyons

    To start, I suppose it would be best to tell you a bit about myself, who I am, and my story. My name, as you can see above, is Katie Canter and I'm a small town girl from Hampton, TN.

    When I was a little girl all I ever wanted to do was sing. I would sing in the bathtub as a child and my mom knew at the age of 5 I had a passion for it which lead to me developing a bit of a talent with and love for music. My range was always high and I enjoyed pushing myself to try new songs; My dad was a bass player and the lead singer in a band that he created called the "Tommy Lyons Band".

    My step dad, who I grew up with every day, was also in a band as the lead singer and guitar player. He was always amazing at harmonies and was influential in helping me do things the way I was supposed to. My mom also enjoyed singing and writing songs so much that she decided to start a karaoke company. She was very successful with it and was steadily working for 10-15 years, until she moved.

    I've been waiting for this opportunity for so long and I intend to make the very most out of it, so don't be surprised when you begin seeing me at local venues --Original coming soon! Follow my FB Page/Support! 

    I’ve always had a desire for singing and writing songs and at this point in my life, I feel as if I’m finally at a place where I’m ready for the world to hear me - so here goes:

    Special thanks to my engineer and the developer of this platform Brandon Knight for pushing me and always believing in me. Every part of this means the absolute world to me. ❤️ Thank you to my parents for teaching me and inspiring me every day to be better. To everyone, I really hope you guys enjoy this and see the love I put into anything I create. I love you guys!! XO- Katie

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